to the City of Stanley's website.  If you are a resident of Stanley, we encourage you to use this website as a resource to stay in touch with your city government.  If you are a visitor to our area, welcome, and this website may provide you valuable information to enhance your experiences in the Sawtooth valley and surrounding wilderness areas.

The first version of the management plan for the Valley Creek Preserve has been completed.  You can see meeting notes and related information on-line at the Wood River Land Trust website: https://woodriverlandtrust.org/protect/public-access-preserves/item/413-valley-creek

Our city snow removal contractor does his best to pile snow where it is least bothersome.  Nontheless the large piles create obstacles at corners on the city streets that require extra caution to be sure you can see the traffic in the intersecting street before entering the intersection.  The piles themselves can also be temptation for young kids who might want to climb and tunnel into the "mountains".  Please do not let them do this, and advise them of the danger, because subsequent passes of snow removal piling more snow onto the piles could bury them or destabilize the pile.  Please remind your children not to play on the snow piles on the city streets.  Thank you.
W​inter snow removal can also be a challenge when we get some storms with lots of accumulation.  Remember that you cannot push or dump snow from your property onto the city street or state highway rights of way.  You must pile snow removed from areas of your property someplace on your own property or have the snow hauled away at your expense.  The city street drainage swales and other areas adjacent to the streets are NOT to be used for the disposal of your snow. 
The city also has a challenge in finding enough areas for disposal of snow from the city streets.  The drainage swales cannot be packed with snow as it can cause flooding, or road washouts during the spring thaw and consequent run-off.  Certain areas are designated by the city for the use of our winter roads contractor for snow storage so that he knows where he can pile snow.  Those areas are not to be used by residents which would deminish the area available to the city.
The city does NOT provide a trash disposal service for the residents of Stanley.  The city does provide trash receptacles in the park for the convenience of those who picnic or recreate in the park.  The city also has a dumpster by the community building which is only for trash from the city office, the trash receptacles in front of or inside the SSCC visitor center, and community building or park renters for meeting or events.  The control of that dumpster is the responsibility of our city maintenance employees and the city police officer. 
As a business or resident in Stanley, you must contract with either of the trash collection services that serve Stanley, Blue Mountain Refuse Inc. or Clear Creek Disposal to pick up and remove your trash from your home or place of business.
The Custer County Transfer Station west of town on Highway 21 is currently closed with no immediate plans to reopen.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Anyone wishing to reserve the Community Building or Pioneer Park for this summer should inquire about dates as soon as possible to insure availability. We do not book more than a year in advance. Information and forms are avaliable on the "Rentals for Events" page on this website. Please call the City Office ((208) 774-2286) to make arrangements.

GROOMING UPDATES: The City of Stanley will no longer provide snowmobile or ski trail grooming updates on this website. Please visit idaho.evtrails.com for snowmobile trail reports and sawtoothskiclub.com for area nordic trail reports.

**Please see "Employment Opportunities" page for information on any current Requests for Proposals (RFP). 

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