Welcome to the City of Stanley Winter Events page!  Here we will be posting information about grooming activity and upcoming winter events in Stanley as well as all the exciting activities available to the outdoor enthusiast looking for some mountain adventure!  Stay tuned for more info and photos.......


*2010 Stanley Sled Dog Rendezvous race photos courtesy of Gary & Laurii Gadwa


Recent SnowmobileTrail Grooming Activity (2016-2017)
Nip and Tuck 03/12
Lowman to Deadwood 03/01
Stanley to Lowman 03/01
Kelley Creek Loop 03/12
Stanley Lake 03/12
Elk Mountain Overlook 03/12
Stanley to Redfish Lake 03/10
Redfish Lake to Smiley Creek 03/10
Elk Creek Loop  
 Information is current for Snowmobile Grooming as of 03/14/2017 @ 10:40 am

Apologies for not being able to keep all the trails groomed the way we would like to this year.  The following provides some of the background on why that is the case:
The Stanley to Lowman route was groomed in December and in early January. In January we had heard complaints about the lack of adequate grooming of the Lowman route. Our lead operator had been frustrated over severe winter conditions and trees down over the Lowman and Deadwood routes. Nevertheless, our groomer operators have been working as often as possible considering the unusual winter conditions. They have been working very hard to meet the needs of the snowmobiling community.
We made one trip to Lowman and were unable to get to Deadwood Lodge. We kept up constant communication with the Lodge and with the Lowman Store. This winter’s heavy and nearly constant snow has made grooming the local routes on a regular basis difficult at best.
In February we were totally hampered by Highway 21 being closed from the vicinity of M-bar-M Ranch westward. We were unable to groom from Bear Valley turn off on 21 to Lowman or to Deadwood Lodge when we could not even get a fuel truck or a relief  groomer driver to the Deadwood/Lowman turn off.  Additionally the Highway 21 being closed to Lowman further restricted our ability to  support changing drivers and fueling in Lowman.
Users of the trail may not appreciate that it is a 16 hour trip to Lowman and an additional 16 hour trip to Deadwood under normal snow conditions and that does not include the 6-8 hours from Stanley to the Bear Valley turn off. This has been a record setting snow accumulation winter. The trails can be completed one day, and a day later appear as though they have not been done at all, due to snow depths and associated wind constantly throughout this winter.
During the last week of February the Stanley groomer made another attempt to groom the trail to Lowman and then headed to Deadwood. Although the results may not always show it, the crew has worked very hard to keep recreational trails open this winter. We are fortunate to have hardworking operators that also are mindful of the maintenance and care of equipment.  
On the City website, on the “Winter Activities and Events” page, we try to keep information on the most recent grooming activities for all interested parties to see.  We hope that that helps people planning their outings and helps avoid surprises.  We welcome the snowmobiling community and will continue to do our best to provide excellent and spectacular snowmobiling opportunities.
...more on Snowmobile Trail Grooming

Follow this link for Cross Country Ski Trail Grooming 

2017 Sawtooth Outdoor Bonspiel - January 27-29, 2017

2017 Stanley Winterfest - February 17-19, 2017

2017 Stanley Sled Dog Rendezvous  Has been Cancelled
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2017 Sawtooth Ski Festival - March 4-5, 2017



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